My name’s John Hanewinckel and I’m just mad about guitars. I first learned to play on a battered old electric without an amp that one of my friends was throwing away. From there, my enthusiasm grew and grew until I decided to form a band with a few friends from school. We did well for a couple of years playing in the local pubs and clubs, but all good things must come to an end, and so it was for us.

I still have fond memories of those days and maintain my passion for all things guitar. On my website, you’ll find plenty of pictures and articles on the subject of guitars.

But there’s more to life than just guitars, so from time to time you’ll notice me offering my thoughts on anything that takes my fancy. My interests are many and varied, so don’t be surporised when I sometimes talk about the price of butter, or how to crochet a tea cosy. Life’s all about trying new things. Enjoy the ride!

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