Bass Guitar For Dummies

Right then, I came across this little gem of a “Dummies” book the other week when surfing around on Amazon during my lunch hour. I’m a huge fan of the Dummies guides and my bookshelf has quite a few of those yellow and black spines lined up. Some of them are pretty well thumbed, too.

The details of this particular one are as follows:

TITLE: Bass Guitar For Dummies
AUTHOR: Patrick Pfeiffer
BINDING: Paperback

It has been updated since the last version and now contains info relating to cutting edge bass gear and technology, all the wee nick knacks and accessories that you’re likely to need as well as some new songs and tricks to master.

No matter what anyone says about the bass guitar, it forms the bedrock – along with the drums – upon which all the other instruments depend. Imagine the Jimi Hendrix Experience with no bass guitarist. It would have been absolute mayhem. Jimi was, of course, a master guitarist and his licks were as varied and unpredictable as they come, but add Mitch Mitchell into the mix and it made for pretty heady and chaotic stuff. Thank god for Noel Redding and his simple basslines, which held the music together and prevented it from turning into an incomprehensible cacophony. I’ve often thought it was a good job that Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers was too young to hook up with those guys because that kind of bass playing could have royally messed up the magic.

If you read Bass Guitar For Dummies, 2nd Edition, I can’t promise you that you’ll be as good as flea – or even Noel Redding. But if you put what you learn into practice and work at it, chances are that you’ll end up being at elast as good as Redding anyway. Because, let’s face it, Redding didn’t need to be all that good technically, he just had to hold down the bassline that kept the rest of the band together.

The book will give you the benefit of advice from the experts on the fundamentals of bass guitar playing, including what kind of bass to buy in the first place, and what to look out for when making that all important first purchase. It will also take you through what extra peripheral gear you might need… as well as what gear you can get along just fine without.

Add to that all the stuff you need to know about how to get the ball rolling musically, including musical theory, aspects of technique and how to improvise and you’re now talking about a book that is well worth the cash outlay.

According to the bumph on Amazon, it includes these nifty elements:

  • New coverage of slaps, double stops, de-tuning, and fretless techniques
  • New musical exercises as well as updates to charts, illustrations, photos, and resources
  • Includes bonus CD with audio clips of all the examples in the book

So don’t just take my word for it, click on that funky box below and get yourself a copy of the best dang beginners to advanced reference book that a Dummy’s money can buy!