Health as a Hobby

It is accepted that playing music, going to concerts and listening to music can be considered a hobby. Can the same be said for our own health? I’m not so sure. I suppose, going to the gym and playing sports are accepted hobbies. However people seem to have a weird attitude when it comes to eating healthy food. Quite why this is the case is unclear. I like to think that being interested in health, diet, nutrition and fitness is just as, if not more valid than playing an instrument. I mean, if we don’t have our health, do we have anything?

Diet and Health

It is pretty obvious to most of us that to a certain extent – we are what we eat. If we stock up on junk food, laden with fats and processed ingredients, we’re not going to feel all that great and over time, we’re going to get fat. It is said that – the fat we eat is the fat we wear. Therefore, the more fat we eat, the more we’re going to wear! Just take a look around you. The rate of obesity in the West is exploding all around us. Sure, we can blame it on people being lazy, that might be a part of it. But the number one factor is the rubbish we feed ourselves, day in day out. Year after year.

Look at the foods that are fed to our kids in the schools. Do you really want  your sons and daughters eating that rubbish? I’m serious. What’s more important than the health of our own children. With the rates of Type 2 Diabetes increasing in kids as young as grade school, it is an absolute disgrace that we aren’t taking our family’s diets more seriously.

What I can say is that for those of you who are eating lots of green vegetables and plenty of fruits, you know just how good they make you feel. This is something that we have in common. It’s only after  embarking on a journey of health that we actually understand just how poor our eating habits were before.

For those of you who doubt this, one of the easiest ways to get into healthy eating is by reading through the best juicer reviews and picking a machine that you think would suit your family’s lifestyle. Some of the models sold today are so called, centrifugal juicers – these ones are speedy and can juice fruits real quick. Another kind – masticating juicers, are known for their versatility – they can make green juice! This article, Recipes for Health: Fruit Drinks in the New York Times has some interesting ideas.

Exercise and Health

Diet is not the only factor in our health. We also have to think about some physical activity – this is something we should be doing each and every day. This might seem like a lot but if you’re thinking that way, it’s probably down to your conditioned laziness that has grown over the years. We humans are meant to run around. We don’t have to take the car everywhere we go. Why not go for a walk? Now that’s what I call a hobby.