Keeping A Cat Stimulated And Healthy With Cat Furniture And Different Activities

CDS or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is more commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease, and this disease has affected many individuals all over the world. In 2006, it was discovered that cats are also not immune from developing Alzheimer’s disease, even though it was initially believed that they were. Symptoms can begin with cats failing to respond when they hear their name, forgetting their daily routines, being unresponsive, and going around the house disoriented. This disease mostly affects pets that are older. It is also scary to know that Alzheimer’s is not easily diagnosed by vets, especially since regular visits only last for minutes. This is why it is a good idea to do what we can to ensure that our cats are kept safe from developing this disease.

Many of us that have read about the prevention of Alzheimer’s know full well that the disease can be kept at bay by keeping the mind stimulated. Likewise, by keeping a cat stimulated and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle, we can help our cats avoid this form of dementia. Dr Frank Gunn-Moore of The University of St Andrews says that mental stimulation, a healthy lifestyle and some companionship are sure to lower cats’ and humans’ chances of developing dementia. A lot of cat climbing furniture and cat toys sure to aid with stimulation of the mind. Likewise, some activities should allow your cat to remain stimulated.


A domesticated cat will be able to experience mental stimulation through different means, and one way of helping your cat is by sometimes taking him outdoors, not only for a different view, but for fresh air and sensing nature all around him. This is especially ideal if your cat is almost never outdoors. One great idea is to buy your cat a leash, to ensure that he does not wander off or run and never come back when you take him outside.


Another way of keeping cats stimulated is by having them watch some videos that work the way Baby Einstein videos stimulate babies. These videos can be that of birds, colors, as well as other things that fascinate cats.

Cat Toys

In buying mentally stimulating cat toys for your cat, choose toys that will allow your cat to figure out how things are working. For example, there are toys that will need some buttons pressed in the correct sequence before they dispense something, perhaps a sort of reward – like catnip. With these types of toys, your cat is sure to get some mental exercise, as he tries to figure out how things work in order for him to get the prize. There are also some toys for cats that are advertised as “thinking” toys. These toys should also be perfect for keeping your cat’s mental faculties healthy and balanced.