Take A Lead From Musicians and Actors: Switch To An E Cigarette

Musicians, Actors and comedians have always had a bit of a love affair with the cigarette for some reason. Perhaps it’s because they lead a life where they spend a lot of time hanging around not doing much, or maybe they just socialize more than the majority of people which leads to an increase the use of alcohol and tobacco. Whatever the reason, this high tobacco use has led many well known members of society to an early death.

Examples of musicians who have succumbed to their nicotine addiction before their time include the likes of the guitarist John Cipollina who died at the young age of 45 from emphysema, Eric Carr the Kiss drummer who died at 41 years old, or the incredible Nat “King” Cole who was just 45.

These days we all know the damage smoking is capable of doing to our bodies but that doesn’t stop a large number of people in the public eye from taking up the habit, even if they now do it behind closed doors. This change has got a lot to do with the fact that smoking is now frowned upon by society and many people who have become addicted to nicotine are embarrassed about the fact that they find it impossible to stop.

Thankfully there is now a device on the market which allows the nicotine addict to get their fix without many of the poisons that are known to cause such conditions as lung cancer and heart disease. It’s called an electronic cigarette and you don’t have to be on a rock guitarist’s salary to be able to afford one for yourself.

The electronic cigarette is a tobacco replacement which delivers nicotine to the user in a cleaner manner. It’s battery powered and works by vaporizing a nicotine-laced liquid when the user inhales on the cigarette-shaped device.

There are a growing number of celebrities and normal people who have woken up to the possibility of switching over to the e cig from traditional tobacco products. People such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Katherine Heigl, and Johnny Depp have been seen using one and their influence is having an effect on the general population of smokers who see them as way to continue getting a fix without doing so much damage to their health.

These smokeless cigarettes are easily available on the Internet and web sites such as ecigaretteshop.com offer information on which are the best to buy. Brands such as Green Smoke, V2, and Safe Cig offer starter kits for as little as $60 so you don’t have to break the bank to get started. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you don’t end up six feet under 30 years before your time like many of the famous smokers who didn’t have the option to use this new high tech device before it was too late.

Musicians Like To Party With A Vaporizer

One thing I have noticed while hanging out with other guitar players is that they like to party! I mean, we’re all people who have chosen to lead a non-conventional lifestyle. So we don’t feel constrained by society’s expectations. That means you might find us at the Roxbury at 4am on a Tuesday evening! Some nights start early and they just keep going.

Since I’m a musician with a bit of higher education, I try to keep the partying to a responsible level. I’m not saying I am straight edge – by no means! I do like to knock back some beers before, during, and after a gig. However, I don’t do it as much as I used to when I was younger. I’m not the guy using my vaporizer every night behind the club. I have found that it tends to make my playing a bit sloppy. I need to bust out some solos throughout the show, and they need to be locked down tight.

Dazed And Confused

The band is going pretty well lately. We have a very solid rhythm section. The drummer is really excellent, the guy can seriously shred with the likes of Neil Peart. I remember back when I was in high school, every drummer idolized Neil Peart. To be honest, I can’t name many other drummers, except maybe John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. I was just thinking of Led Zeppelin the other day when I was watching that movie Dazed and Confused. That movie was steeped in 70s culture. I don’t think people really knew how to use a vaporizer back then. Not sure if they were invented yet.

The main actor in that movie was named Jason London. I always get him confused with his brother Jeremy London. To be honest I really haven’t followed their respective careers much. I remember the kid in that movie was Wiley Wiggins. Not sure what’s going on with Wiley lately. That movie actually came out 18 years ago now. I was just looking at the IMDB page and I recognize a lot of the actors. Apparently Milla Jovovich was in it as well. Didn’t expect that.

Anyway, it’s back to practicing now. Gotta learn the mixolydian scale.

Why I love Taling Ngam on Koh Samui

Taling Ngam beach

Koh Samui reminds me of that song by Joni Mitchell ‘Big Yellow Taxi’: ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot’. Since the island started receiving visitors in the early 1970s they have covered the coast with roads, resorts, bars and all manner of shoddy concrete buildings. The original visitors were happy with golden beaches and wooden bungalows, those who go to the island now seem to need an airport, big hospitals, hundreds of hotels and urban centers full of morally dubious bars. Such is the story of tourism as a commercial venture. It was with no small amount of surprise then that I went to visit a friend staying on Taling Ngam beach.

I was holidaying in Than Sadet in Koh Phangan at the time and so reluctantly I made the journey over to Maenam by boat and then caught a songthaew to Taling Ngam.

I had never been to the southeast of Koh Samui before. After Lamai the development got a lot thinner; by the time I got to Taling Ngam there were hardly any buildings to be seen other than the impressive Conrad Koh Samui hugging the rocks at the end of the bay.

Taling Ngam has a long stretch of white sand with an extensive tree cover that stretches back from the beach for quite a distance. Among the trees and along the beach are a few resorts, shops and a small fishing village. As a result, Taling Ngam feels very different to the main centers of Chaweng or Lamai. It is a place with space, nature and just a few people: full of the considerable beauty of nature.

I found my friends at Am Samui Resort. They had reserved for me a bungalow near the beach. Although the bungalow had more home comforts than the one I had just stayed in at Than Sadet it was not over-the-top. What was nice was the free wifi around the resort. The food at the restaurant was also good. I spent a very pleasant couple of days on Taling Ngam beach. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know what Koh Samui was like before the concrete arrived in massive amounts. It is one small part of paradise that hasn’t been turned into a parking lot!

Surfing in Chicama, Peru, And Some Tips to Find Cheap Flights

Hi, welcome to my post about surfing in Peru and how to find the cheapest plane tickets to Lima.

But first, I will teach you some Spanish so you can have an easier way to talk with the locals:)

If you want to ask  how can you find cheap flights to Peru´s capital Lima to a travel agent, in Spanish you say:

“Como puedo conseguir pasajes en oferta y economicos a Lima?, nescesito vuelos Baratos a Peru por favor, muchas gracias”

Well, that is the start, after you get a great airfare to fly into Peru using the different  “search engines flights”  in the Internet(by the way I recommend Kayak.com and Vuelosbaratos.es as they are my favorites), it´s time to talk about Peru´s premier surf destination, Chicama.

Chicama is a small fishing village about 40 kilometres from the Trujillo city in Northern Peru. It is a world famous surf spot as it is know to be the longest left hander in the earth.

For this wave to work, it needs very strong swells, so if you are planning to go there just to surf, a great Idea is to wait for the Swells in Huanchaco beach. It is a very nice town near Trujillo city and you have more consistent waves as it beach is more exposed, hence need smaller swells.

Anyway, the best season for surfing in Chicama is from March to September.

Here is a video for you to check how amazing this wave is!


Hope you can make it there as it is an amazing surf spot and get to know the amazing Peru people, ancient culture and taste Peru´s main meal the ceviche!

The Lifestyle Of The Musician

Hey all. One thing I have been thinking about lately is living the lifestyle of a musician. When you live in Nashville like I do, you meet many people who work in the music business. Some are guitar players like me, and others are singers, bass players, trombonists, or any other type of musician. All of them are trying to make it in the music biz. The question is, how can you pay the bills while you are still a struggling artist?

Many people wind up waiting tables while they are waiting for their big break. This is a good occupation because it allows you some flexibility. You can make decent money to pay the rent, and you don’t have to work a ton of hours. For example, check out this movie about a waitress. Keri Russell in this movie plays a waitress in the South. I think I know a few Keri Russells myself around town!

Waitress Starring Keri Russell

Another thing you have to be aware of is the lifestyle pitfalls. If you are a musician, you have to be careful to focus and keep your eye on the ball. You can’t be using your Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer every day because that might throw you off your game. Instead, just use it once a week or so after a gig. Otherwise, I try to keep a normal sleeping schedule, eat healthy, and exercise. I’ve been thinking about taking a yoga class. It might help me relax from all the stress of trying to write music. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do. I’m always amazed at how much material Lil Wayne and Kanye can put out. Just look at Lil Wayne, he put out two mixtapes in the past couple years and now he released Tha Carter IV.  They say it has sold over a million copies already. I haven’t sold a million copies of any of my albums yet. But if I keep working at it, maybe I can have the same success as Weezy.

PRS SE Singlecut

The Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut guitar, or PRS SE Singlecut for short, is famous throughout the world as one of the iconic guitars of modern times. Made of solid mahogany, with mahogany and rosewood neck, this guitar is not only a thing of beauty but also a real pleasure to play. Popular amongst professional guitarists and bedroom maestros alike, if you’re a fan of the cutaway style, then you need look no further for your next guitar.

The PRS Singlecut comes in a variety of colours, from the vibrant colours of the prs se singlecut cherry sunburst, to the more subtle hues of the prs se singlecut gray black, there’s something there to suit all bedroom wallpapers.

If you like your toys, the prs se singlecut trem features a fine tremolo arm that will give you the versatility you need to let rip with screaming lead parts, or add atmospheric dips and gentle vibrato that Chris Isaak himself would be proud of. But unlike Chris, who didn’t want to fall in love, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the fine action on this guitar.

Many guitarists grow up with the feel of a 24 1/2 inch scale neck, which many find more confortable to play with. If that’s you then you’ll be right at home with the neat dimensions of the prs singlecut se, which also boasts individual knobs for each of the humbucker pickups. PRS guitars of this size are renound for their ease of string bending, which they achieve without sacrificing the quality of their tones or the amount of sustain they provide. This makes them perfect for beginner guitarists or professionals.

Equally at home in a recording studio, on stage in a live environment or just at home in your bedroom, this instrument will give you great pleasure for many years. Combine it with a quality amplifier and you’ve got yourself a setup that would make the most serious musician burst into a broad grin.

So, open up your wallet, take out your credit card and get yourself a fine prs se singlecut guitar today.