PRS SE Singlecut

The Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut guitar, or PRS SE Singlecut for short, is famous throughout the world as one of the iconic guitars of modern times. Made of solid mahogany, with mahogany and rosewood neck, this guitar is not only a thing of beauty but also a real pleasure to play. Popular amongst professional guitarists and bedroom maestros alike, if you’re a fan of the cutaway style, then you need look no further for your next guitar.

The PRS Singlecut comes in a variety of colours, from the vibrant colours of the prs se singlecut cherry sunburst, to the more subtle hues of the prs se singlecut gray black, there’s something there to suit all bedroom wallpapers.

If you like your toys, the prs se singlecut trem features a fine tremolo arm that will give you the versatility you need to let rip with screaming lead parts, or add atmospheric dips and gentle vibrato that Chris Isaak himself would be proud of. But unlike Chris, who didn’t want to fall in love, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the fine action on this guitar.

Many guitarists grow up with the feel of a 24 1/2 inch scale neck, which many find more confortable to play with. If that’s you then you’ll be right at home with the neat dimensions of the prs singlecut se, which also boasts individual knobs for each of the humbucker pickups. PRS guitars of this size are renound for their ease of string bending, which they achieve without sacrificing the quality of their tones or the amount of sustain they provide. This makes them perfect for beginner guitarists or professionals.

Equally at home in a recording studio, on stage in a live environment or just at home in your bedroom, this instrument will give you great pleasure for many years. Combine it with a quality amplifier and you’ve got yourself a setup that would make the most serious musician burst into a broad grin.

So, open up your wallet, take out your credit card and get yourself a fine prs se singlecut guitar today.

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