Surfing in Chicama, Peru, And Some Tips to Find Cheap Flights

Hi, welcome to my post about surfing in Peru and how to find the cheapest plane tickets to Lima.

But first, I will teach you some Spanish so you can have an easier way to talk with the locals:)

If you want to ask  how can you find cheap flights to Peru´s capital Lima to a travel agent, in Spanish you say:

“Como puedo conseguir pasajes en oferta y economicos a Lima?, nescesito vuelos Baratos a Peru por favor, muchas gracias”

Well, that is the start, after you get a great airfare to fly into Peru using the different  “search engines flights”  in the Internet(by the way I recommend and as they are my favorites), it´s time to talk about Peru´s premier surf destination, Chicama.

Chicama is a small fishing village about 40 kilometres from the Trujillo city in Northern Peru. It is a world famous surf spot as it is know to be the longest left hander in the earth.

For this wave to work, it needs very strong swells, so if you are planning to go there just to surf, a great Idea is to wait for the Swells in Huanchaco beach. It is a very nice town near Trujillo city and you have more consistent waves as it beach is more exposed, hence need smaller swells.

Anyway, the best season for surfing in Chicama is from March to September.

Here is a video for you to check how amazing this wave is!


Hope you can make it there as it is an amazing surf spot and get to know the amazing Peru people, ancient culture and taste Peru´s main meal the ceviche!