Take A Lead From Musicians and Actors: Switch To An E Cigarette

Musicians, Actors and comedians have always had a bit of a love affair with the cigarette for some reason. Perhaps it’s because they lead a life where they spend a lot of time hanging around not doing much, or maybe they just socialize more than the majority of people which leads to an increase the use of alcohol and tobacco. Whatever the reason, this high tobacco use has led many well known members of society to an early death.

Examples of musicians who have succumbed to their nicotine addiction before their time include the likes of the guitarist John Cipollina who died at the young age of 45 from emphysema, Eric Carr the Kiss drummer who died at 41 years old, or the incredible Nat “King” Cole who was just 45.

These days we all know the damage smoking is capable of doing to our bodies but that doesn’t stop a large number of people in the public eye from taking up the habit, even if they now do it behind closed doors. This change has got a lot to do with the fact that smoking is now frowned upon by society and many people who have become addicted to nicotine are embarrassed about the fact that they find it impossible to stop.

Thankfully there is now a device on the market which allows the nicotine addict to get their fix without many of the poisons that are known to cause such conditions as lung cancer and heart disease. It’s called an electronic cigarette and you don’t have to be on a rock guitarist’s salary to be able to afford one for yourself.

The electronic cigarette is a tobacco replacement which delivers nicotine to the user in a cleaner manner. It’s battery powered and works by vaporizing a nicotine-laced liquid when the user inhales on the cigarette-shaped device.

There are a growing number of celebrities and normal people who have woken up to the possibility of switching over to the e cig from traditional tobacco products. People such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Katherine Heigl, and Johnny Depp have been seen using one and their influence is having an effect on the general population of smokers who see them as way to continue getting a fix without doing so much damage to their health.

These smokeless cigarettes are easily available on the Internet and web sites such as ecigaretteshop.com offer information on which are the best to buy. Brands such as Green Smoke, V2, and Safe Cig offer starter kits for as little as $60 so you don’t have to break the bank to get started. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you don’t end up six feet under 30 years before your time like many of the famous smokers who didn’t have the option to use this new high tech device before it was too late.